Sunday, June 14, 2009

Your wife, or mine?

I just realized how ambiguous the title on this blog could be. Let me state for the record that I encourage you to seduce your own wife, since I'll be working on mine and not yours. I suppose it could have read "The Art of Seducing My Wife" but then that would leave the door open to anyone who cared to try.... we'll just not go there:)

Choreplay is the new black. I have figured out that if one takes the time to contribute to household chores on a regular basis not only does the wife appreciate the assistance but she's also more relaxed, rested, and open to suggestion when it comes to doing "other" things:)

Let me warn you though: There is a fine line that you must walk so that she doesn't come to expect you to do the chores. Once that happens you inherit the tasks for the rest of your life and instead of being rewarded appropriately for a job well done you only stand the risk of being blacklisted for not keeping the house clean. Each wife will be different regarding how much you can do without becoming a Choreboy, so be careful!

There are other downsides to doing chores for sex. Such as the Pavlovian response of getting aroused every time I hear a vacuum cleaner on carpet. Dishes clinking as they are being rinsed do a fair job of stimulating the senses as well.

Legal Disclaimer: If you cross that fine line and the chores officially become "your job" I will not be held responsible nor will I come to your house to assist you. The quantity and depth of work that you need to do to be successful in Choreplay depends strictly on your wife, as each one is different. It's up to you to find the limits and tread carefully so that you aren't sucked into the never-ending vortex of housework without reward!


  1. I like the disclaimer. Besides, you couldn't go to anyone else's house to assist them... you've got enough on your plate here! ;)

  2. Read the entry following that one... I can't have anything on my plate or I'll go over my calorie limit!

  3. OMG LOL I am so sending this to my husband, JudoMan!!! Amanda, you've got a smart cookie here, congrats ;)

  4. heh heh heh... thanks, Angel! I think so *grin*