Monday, June 22, 2009

A glimpse from the other side...

I know most everyone has utilized the convenience of fast food at some point. For the most part many establishments have good service and the product is fair as well. Most people understand that not every visit on every day is going to be perfect, no matter how hard we (as employees) strive to provide that very aspect. Then you have the people that call to complain if they have to wait two minutes extra for the food, regardless of the fact that:

a: They had to search for a parking spot in order to stand in line because the place is packed


b: The drive-thru line is backed up to the street and beyond because the place is packed

I'd like to share an actual (and unfortunately common) drive-thru transaction as seen from the inside of the food-service business:

Cashier: Hi! My I help you?

Customer: Hold on... (then the phone call starts) Hey! I'm at (insert restaurant), do you want anything? No, I'll go by there when I'm done here. What?? He did NOT! No, and tell Keisha that she can't use my laptop. Ok, put her on the phone...

Cashier: Can I help you find anything?

Customer: Just a minute, I'm looking!! Ok, they have (insert menu items, usually 90% of the menu being read into the phone). Ok, so you want (insert items) and you want them without (insert condiments) and add (insert condiments)? Miss??? MISS!?!?!?! (like it's us keeping them from ordering)

Cashier: Yes? Go ahead with your order.

Customer: Ok, I want (insert items, sans condiments).

Cashier: Ok, would you care for anything else?

Customer: Yes, just a minute. (another call: Hey! I'm at (insert restaurant), what do you want? Reads off all menu items again. Ok, yeah, yeah, I went to the grocery store already. No, I didn't get milk, but I got some yogurt. Oh! I forgot about the candy bars! No, I'll have to get those later. Who? I paid that bill! No, I paid that! Look on the counter, right by the cookies, I have the receipt. No, that's the other one. Look right there. Yes, that's it. Ok, I'll call them when I get home. Ok, what do you want? Ok. Miss? MISS!?!?!?! (again, like we've made her wait).

Cashier: Yes?

Customer: I have another order. I want (insert items as needed).

Cashier: Ok, your total will be (insert amount).

Customer: MISS!!! I have another order!

Cashier: Go ahead.

Customer: Just a minute, let me see what I want. Ok, I want (insert items).....

I swear to you this actually happened, and happens on a regular basis at my location.

And people call to complain to me about service times? It's amazing... absolutely amazing. Then of course when they get to the window the debit card is denied, or they don't have enough money, or they want to add several items to each order, etc. etc.

Ok, rant mode off:) I just wanted to let you see what WE deal with each day, every day, time after time.

And for the rest of you that know what you want, know how much you have in your wallet, and don't use the cell phone to order for the neighborhood in a drive-thru? I thank you ever so graciously and with profound appreciation. I also offer my sincerest of apologies if we muck up your order at times. Again, thank you!

Disclaimer: I've been doing this for 28 years. I am no more jaded regarding customers and the actions thereof than the average guy on the street. I've seen great customers and I've seen some that you don't even want walking into your store because you can never please them. I truly appreciate the good customers, and the average customer that has some degree of understanding. We do screw up things on this end, just give a chance to make it right. The good managers always make it right. On the whole, I really do enjoy my job:)

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