Sunday, October 4, 2009


Ha! I won this one!

There is this weird thing that goes on in the household. The cats all love to eat the dog's food, and the dog would rather eat cat food when given the opportunity.

So tonight, I'm putting the dog in the kitchen for the evening and I fill up his bowl with cat food because he's been good all day and he deserves a treat. Besides, when I fill it with dog food the cats all gather around the bowl and eat until it's gone, rarely letting Hound get in to grab a bite. No sooner do I finish filling his bowl than the cats come running in to gather 'round to eat. I brushed them away and filled their bowls (which are on the other side of the gate that keeps Hound off of the carpets) with cat food..... and they refused to touch it! Instead, they all head back to Hound's bowl. So I put them all on the other side of the gate, only to have them jump back across into the kitchen. I stood in front of Hound's bowl to keep the cats at bay so he could get a bite, but they kept outflanking me since it is three to one and kind of hard to head off one cat without the other going toward the open side.

Now I couldn't stand there all night so I had to think.... and it finally hit me. I put the cat bowls *in the kitchen with the dog bowl*!!

Ha! That really messed with their heads! Now, no matter if they all fed from one bowl or each their own, Hound would still have a bowl to feed from! Ha! Double Ha!!!

Funny thing though.... the cats now refuse to eat any of the food:)

I felt a great sense of pride in outsmarting the cats..... while Amanda seems to think that I'm a wee bit crazy for bothering in the first place.

It's the small victories that can be the sweetest:)


  1. Honey? They're cats. Their brains are this big.

    Visualize smaller than a ping-pong ball, if you will. Actually, that would be a genius level feline...

    Point being... oh hell, I have no point. Congrats dear. You outwitted three cats.

    I'll pick up a trophy tomorrow to commemorate the event.

  2. *maniacal laughter* BUT I WON!!!!

  3. Yes dear. You won. And tomorrow they'll all be lying in wait in the kitchen waiting to try to kill you again.

    This *may* spur them on to success.