Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I should know better, I really should.

I had the back yard pretty well escape proofed. Before we let Hound run outside with no supervision I went around and patched all potential escape routes under fences, through gaps, etc. But of course, I forgot to tell Hound that he wasn't allowed to dig.

My schedule is a weird one. I work days, nights, mid-shifts and a host of other odd hours. Never the same schedule for any given week. It all depends on the needs of the business and my desire to remain employed and effective. So today Amanda left the dogs with me so that she wouldn't have to use her lunch break to drive to where they are kept on days that I can't watch them and let them out for a potty break. I got up about 9 am to get a cup of coffee before I laid back down to nap since I work 5pm to 3am tonight and I let the dogs out (we're babysitting her parents' dog right now) to do their thing. Dora (the parents' dog) came right away and I put her inside. Hound, on the other hand, didn't come when I called.

Now this is not unusual. He likes his outside time and often he'll be around the corner doing his Guard Hound (tm) duties and properly patrolling the perimeter of the yard. Most times I try to call him in he'll pop his head around the corner and lay down to indicate that he isn't ready to come inside yet. I'll then leave him alone until he barks at the door to let me know that the compound is secure and he is ready for his treat.

Today I called for them and only Dora came to me. So I called for Hound and he didn't appear which left me to assume that he was still on patrol. About 15 minutes later I went back out and called for him again, to no avail. I went out and searched the yard only to discover that Hound was nowhere to be found. I was panicked.... Amanda would likely kill me if I lost Hound, or allowed him to become lost.

I got properly dressed and went searching in the neighborhood. After about 25 minutes I finally saw this little blur of brown zooming toward me at the back gate- It was Hound!!! Yay!

Of course, it wasn't that easy. He refuses to let me near him because usually when I bend down it is to play with him or work on his Guard Hound (tm) training which involves me swiping at him and growling at him (which he thoroughly enjoys). After another 5 minutes he finally agreed to listen to the command "down" and laid down so that I could pick him up. After putting him inside I searched the entire fence line and found a spot behind a stand of almost impenetrable bushes where he has been digging out to get the to squirrels in the yard next door. (They often run across the lawn to tease him when he goes out.)

So I then had the privilege of spending the next hour patching any possible dig spots, low spots and other avenues of escape.

A great way to spend my morning considering my schedule tonight:) But it's worth it to have Hound secure at home.

Little mutt *grumble*

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  1. I'm just trying to figure out where he keeps his brains, because that dog KNOWS he's not supposed to escape -- he won't even try it if someone's watching. Freakish creature that he is.