Monday, October 12, 2009

Source Identified

Well, both boys and Amanda have come down with Swine Flu. Mild cases, but H1N1 nonetheless.

I was wondering where it started- until tonight. I was feeding the cats and being somewhat sarcastic by yelling "sooooo-ey!" quite loudly so that they would come to get the food. And then I realized that the pig-like actions of the cats stimulated dormant Swine Flu virii in the air and caused the family to get sick!

So not only can you get Swine Flu from swine, but you can seemingly get it from any animal that acts in a swine-like fashion! Darwin would have been proud of me.

Personally, I've opted out of getting sick this season. I simply don't have time nor do I have the desire to do so. Perhaps after the first of the year when I have some vacation time I'll get sick and relax for a week or so but not at the present.

On a side note: If Amanda says that I actually cooked something... she's lying!


  1. Oh noes! Poor Amanda :( Tell her we're praying for everyone!!

    Stay Well ChoreBoy!!!

  2. He's a sweet boy. Twisted, but sweet. He's also still healthy at the moment.

    And thank you Angel :)