Saturday, September 26, 2009

Physics Experiment

I was doing my chores yesterday, and my mind was wandering. I tend to think about random stuff while I'm paying for upcoming sex by doing my chores, you see.

Anyway, I was vacuuming the walls in the dungeon (Yes, the walls. Don't ask- you would have to see it to believe it) and I had the most curious question pop into my mind, which I will share in a moment. First I need to explain that while we are in no way prudish neither do we have an actual dungeon on the premises. It's actually the room that's used as our computer room and a place to escape from the children and animals at any given point in time.

So I was vacuuming the walls and it came to me that cats always land on their feet, right? If one was to fling a cat against a wall, would the cat land on it's feet on the wall? Or would it SPLAT like any other animal that one might fling against a wall? Not that I fling animals against walls, but I think it's a valid question.

BTW: Amanda was not amused that I even posed the question. I guess she doesn't appreciate the scientifically inquisitive side of me;)


  1. You are a sad, strange man.

    Log off, babe. Bedtime.

  2. I think in theory the cat would splat. That landing feet first only works in a downward motion. Educational Animal Programming!

    But if you had wall to wall shag carpeting and rubbed the cat on your head, provided it didn't claw your eyes out first, you could maybe get it to stick via static electricity.

  3. Angel, don't give him any ideas. He'd wallpaper the room in shag carpeting with a bullseye pattern.

    He's subtle that way.

  4. I was kind of figuring that it would depend on how fast you threw the cat at the wall. If you tossed it fast enough, the inner ear would detect that direction as "down", don't you think? Of course, the speed needed to redirect the inner ear would likely result in a very messy wall once the cat landed- feet first or not.

  5. I like the damned cats. Take more Benadryl. You're getting crabby :P