Friday, September 11, 2009

Miffed about lunch.

I've been in foodservice for many years, as my profile states. So naturally I'm fairly lenient when it comes to gaffs in the food industry regarding service, etc. I truly understand that sometimes you just have a crappy day where nothing goes right no matter how hard you try. But that's the key.... you have to keep trying.

Yesterday I took Wife to lunch. We went to a coffee shop that is nationally known ( I won't use names) and purchased coffee for me, tea for her, and a couple of sandwiches to snack on. We arrived at about 12:05 and we were the only customers in the building. The young lady behind the counter was extremely pleasant and the service was quick for which I give them kudos.

But when I went to the counter where you add sweetener, etc. to your coffee I noticed that the trash can which is located beneath a hole in the counter was actually full to the point of trash spilling ONTO the counter. There was also a bus-tub with trash in it on a shelf at the counter.

After looking around we finally located a table that was much less covered with food crumbs than the others in the building. We sat down (after brushing off the chairs which were also covered in crumbs) and began to eat.

I can't help but to notice things when I go into a food establishment. I probably notice more than the usual Joe since I've been in the management end of things for so long... but this was ridiculous. The tables, chairs and floor were filthy and the trash was over-flowing as well. I would chalk this up to a bad shift or whatever except for a couple of small facts that just irritated the hell out of me.

1: The Drive Thru wasn't busy (I was watching)
2: In the 30 minutes we spent there only ONE other person walked into the store
3: There were three employees on duty that I could see
4: Even though there was time to lean on the counter and laugh at whatever they were sharing with each other, not ONCE did any of them even step out into the dining area to wipe a table, sweep, or empty the trash.

Now item #4 is the telling item- If you had a crappy shift, you'd be busting your ass while it was slower to get things back in line.... unless you really didn't give a damn. In which case you'd leave the place looking like it did. The fact that no one even made an effort just pissed me off and told me that they don't give a damn...

That's a cardinal sin in serving food. If you don't care how you represent your company, you shouldn't be working there. If nothing else you should have enough pride in yourself to make an effort, even if no one else gives a damn.

It just infuriated me. It really did. If even one of them had walked out with a broom or a damp towel to wipe a single freakin' table I would have applauded them. Instead, I ended up writing a letter to the company right along the lines of this blog post and made sure to let them know I don't want anything free and I don't want to be contacted, I just want them to make an effort to do things right if they're going to bother doing them at all. If they don't care any more than that they should close the place down.

Which would make me sad.... I like the coffee there.

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  1. Yeah, that pretty much sucked.

    On the other hand, I went to the one at the mall yesterday (our end of town, by Pappas) and it was spotless. Same time of day, but definitely more customers coming in.

    I can honestly say I've never had a bad experience at that one. Bummer of it is, they don't have a drive through so I can't get the egg/spinach/feta wrap. But beyond that, it's the best one out of the bunch so far.